When someone smiles, who knows where it goes? Baby smiles at Mommy, Mommy keeps it for a while...and then passes it on. Follow the smile as it makes its way through the community, back to the baby who started it all!

Alex has to convince Mom to let him have an iguana, so he puts his arguments in writing. Funny negotiations go back and forth through notes. Will Alex get the pet of his dreams? 
Ever since their baby sister came along, Alex has been forced to share a room with little brother, Ethan. But persuasive letters to Dad don’t seem to be working – until Dad comes up with a fun compromise. 
If Mommy had more than two arms, what amazing things could she do? Kids count along right up to 20 arms! But in the end, they’ll see Mom only needs her two real arms for hugging. 
Alex is not happy about going to his grandparents’ retirement village while his parents go on vacation. How boring! Desperate emails turn into fun stories as Alex makes a discovery: grandparents are way cooler than he thought! 

It's bedtime for Little Bot. He slips his PJs over his power pack and enjoys a few batteries for a snack, but just like you, Little Bot needs a few more things before he can power down for the night. 

  • Follow a year in the life of a boy and girl as they discover many different, ever-changing emotions, including joy, fear, anger, jealousy, excitement, pride, disappointment, loneliness, and contentment.