I DO SCHOOL VISITS TOO! Nothing is more fun than having a class or a group of children at a library laugh out loud when I read my books. It’s also fun talking about pets  --  they especially love when I show them pictures of our pet iguana,“Lizzie." I gear my school and library visits to the age of the group. Younger children learn how a book is put together.  With older children, I discuss the process of writing and the importance of re-writing to make a story better. We do writing exercises together. Programs usually run about 45 minutes per class. Of course, I always allow time to answer questions from the kids. One of my favorites is  "When is your iguana’s birthday?" (I don't think I know the answer to that one.) Teachers and librarians can contact me to discuss dates and fees.  I am available for half or full day programs. I have spoken to kids from pre-K up to 6th grade. Contact me at: orloff@bestweb.net for rates and information.

PROGRAMS FOR ADULTS My friend Della Ross Ferreri, author of HUGGLE, WUGGLE, BEDTIME SNUGGLE (www.dellarossferreri.com) and I have teamed up to give presentations about children's publishing to new writers. We have given this workshop, which we call "The ABCs of Children's Publishing," at conferences, libraries and even once at a high school, to interested students. In it, we cover the basics, including where to get ideas, studying the market, how to write query letters, how to submit manuscripts, etc. It's a very good introduction for anyone interested in learning about the wonderful world of children's literature. We can do one, two or three-hour workshops. Please contact me at orloff@bestweb.com for more information.                                    

LESSON PLANS FOR TEACHERS. Check out my website for teachers using my I Wanna books in the classroom: www.iwannabooks.com.

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