Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved books. I spent many Saturdays at our local library in Orangeburg, NY, where I grew up. I knew I wanted to do something with books as a career, so I got a degree in English/Publishing Studies from Hofstra University in 1981 and became an editor, working mainly for magazines. I married my husband, Brad, in 1985.In 1987, I left my full-time job to become a stay-at-home mom for my first child, Max. This is when I really began to write. I wrote articles for magazines like "Baby Talk" and "New York Family." But when I would read books to Max, and later to his sister, Emily, I realized what I truly wanted to do - I wanted to write children's books. I wrote many stories and tried to get them published. This went on for ten years! Then one day, when we decided to get Max and Emily iguanas as pets (against my better judgment) I got the idea for I WANNA IGUANA. I was thrilled when it was accepted for publication by Susan Kochan at Putnam.My second picture book, IF MOM HAD THREE ARMS came out in the spring of 2006, from Sterling Publishing (www.sterlingpublishing.com). This book grew out of an idea I had when one of my kids asked me if I could do something but I was holding grocery bags and couldn't drop them to help. "I only have two arms!" I said. Later, I thought, what if a child wonders what if would be like if his mom had more than two arms. Maybe three, four, five or more!  The rhymes for the picture book started brewing in my head. Since that book has been published, I've had many moms come up to me to say they can totally relate!

Since then, I've had many more books published, including two more "I WANNA" books, and I am still writing every day! 

About Author: Karen Kaufman Orloff